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A view of the winning Block 2 design concept by Zeidler Architecture Inc. and David Chipperfield Architects. Photograph courtesy of Public Services and Procurement Canada

Security key factor in successful Block 2 design that will complete ‘Parliament square’

Now, negotiations begin with Zeidler Architecture Inc. and David Chipperfield Architects to finalize the contract by fall, with construction expected to begin within 18 to 24 months.

Alberta court decision a chance to fix flawed environmental impact assessment regime, says Green MP May

The government says it plans to appeal the May 10 Alberta Court of Appeal decision that found the Impact Assessment Act is unconstitutional because it infringes on provincial jurisdiction.

Federal ministers, MPs, and staff working on high-stakes Ontario election

News|By Abbas Rana
Liberal MP Michael Coteau predicts that Ontarians will vote Liberal in tight Liberal-NDP races in order to oust the Ford government.

Canada supports rapid accession of Sweden and Finland to NATO, but experts say it needs to improve its Arctic defences

News|By Dennis Kovtun
Fearing Russian aggression, Finland and Sweden will likely apply for NATO membership. While Canada supports the membership of these countries, it needs to step up its own contributions, especially in the Arctic: experts.

Ontario election will be a test on how upset Canadians are with incumbents and affordability issues, say some MPs and Nanos

News|By Abbas Rana
The decision Ontarians make at the ballot box on June 2 will come down to who has the best plan to address the affordability issues of Ontarians, says Liberal MP Michael Coteau.

Groups return to ‘invaluable’ in-person advocacy on the Hill after years lobbying behind screens

For the first time since COVID-19’s outbreak in 2020, some organizations lobbied on the Hill for a 'relationship building’ experience unmatched by virtual events, says Direct Sellers Association of Canada’s Peter Maddox.

New blood donation policy still targets queer men and trans women, advocates argue

News|By Stuart Benson
While every donor will now be asked the same questions, the new policy’s focus on anal sex and barring those who take PrEP is seen by some as more egregious and intrusive than the previous blanket ban.

A ‘Parliamentary Precinct family reunion’: Politics and the Pen in person for first time in two years

News|By Stuart Benson
This year’s finalists feature some of the country’s best non-fiction writing on Canada’s financial future, China relations, the SNC-Lavalin affair, and historic and influential women in politics.

Experts, critics wary of feds’ ‘clearly opposite’ private investing plan to rejig infrastructure bank

Infrastructure Bank CEO Ehren Cory has talked about finding win-win projects that serve both public and private interests, but critics say this middle ground has proved elusive.

No big winners or losers in curious Conservative leadership debate, say strategists

News|By Ian Campbell
Several candidates had 'their sights set on trying to blunt Pierre Poilievre’s momentum,' while also trying to 'shore up more moderate support for themselves,' say Conservative strategists.
A view of the winning Block 2 design concept by Zeidler Architecture Inc. and David Chipperfield Architects. Photograph courtesy of Public Services and Procurement Canada

Security key factor in successful Block 2 design that will complete ‘Parliament square’

Now, negotiations begin with Zeidler Architecture Inc. and David Chipperfield Architects to finalize the contract by fall, with construction expected to begin within 18 to 24 months.

Why do Conservatives hate public television?

Opinion|By Sheila Copps
According to TVO's host of 'The Agenda' Steve Paikin, Doug Ford won't agree to a one-on-one with him. Meanwhile, Pierre Poilievre riles his base bashing the CBC.

Canada missing out on lucrative IP economy

Opinion|By David Crane
The Liberal government has shown no sign that it recognizes the problem: that Canada's economy is designed to subsidize intellectual property holders in other countries.

How COVID won the political battle

Opinion|By Les Whittington
The occupation of Ottawa appeared to capture the imagination of restive Canadians motivated by vaccine rejection, dislike of Justin Trudeau and his government, economic frustration, and all manner of disinformation.

Mendicino should discard Bill C‑21 in its entirety, and start over

Opinion|By Nathalie Provost
It is time to deliver the kind of gun control the majority Canadians expect and to finally give survivors and victims’ families some closure.

We can’t miss the major opportunity in the Online Streaming Act

Opinion|By Jocelyn Hamilton
The longer we debate Bill C-11, the more we see drastic effects on our local industry, such as Canadian-owned film and TV businesses losing critical access to content buyers, studio space, crews, and talent.

Momentum builds in Senate for bill to seize and repurpose frozen assets

News|By Neil Moss
Some Senators are highlighting the 'urgency' to pass Bill S-217 amid Russia's invasion of Ukraine, to seize and repurpose assets that have been frozen from Russian officials and oligarchs.

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Programmed obsolescence and reduced durability: It’s time to act

École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS)

Ukraine proving NATO membership not crucial for alliance’s assistance

Opinion|By Scott Taylor
Finland and Sweden say they are seeking sanctuary in a military alliance with NATO due Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, but it may not be necessary.

Canada should ‘review, reconsider, refocus’ Middle East strategy, says Egyptian envoy

News|By Dennis Kovtun
Canada has not been proactive in the region and its policy will continue to be defined by its relationship with the U.S., say experts and diplomats at the Middle East Strategy Forum.

Canada must push for peace in Ukraine

Opinion|By Bhagwant Sandhu
Canada is not party to any of the voices urging for peace, and instead we are doing everything possible to prolong the fighting.

Health-care workforce crisis and housing affordability top pre-budget advocacy on the Hill

The federal budget does "not go far enough" to address a labour crisis facing the healthcare sector, according to the president of the Canadian Nurses Association Sylvain Brousseau.

Boissonnault, Freeland among top lobbying targets in February as budget looms

With the unveiling of Ottawa’s emissions reduction plan around the corner, the environment was also a key focus for lobbyists in February, who had 3,102 total filings on all subjects.

Top 100 Lobbyists 2022: Hybrid model is new norm for lobbyists tired of virtual meetings

After years of mostly virtual meetings, lobbyists are ready to embrace a hybrid model balancing remote communications with in-person events.

Canadians react with dismay, outrage to killing of Palestinian journalist Shireen Abu Akleh 

Feature|By Mike Lapointe
Plus, Hill Times columnist Rose LeMay receives Global Pluralism Award honourable mention and Ukraine's first post-Soviet president dies.

PMO’s executive, HR, research, and correspondence teams updated

Feature|By Laura Ryckewaert
Brett Thalmann, who went on leave from his post as executive director of planning, administration, and people in October 2021, officially left the top office last week.

Read all about it: Immigration Minister Fraser’s new 17-member team

Feature|By Laura Ryckewaert
Kyle Nicholson is once again director of policy to the immigration minister, while Emilie Simard has officially taken over as director of parliamentary affairs and issues management.

Tributes from MPs pour in for former House Speaker John Bosley

Feature|By Mike Lapointe
Plus, Tory Michelle Rempel Garner opens up about being a woman in politics for a new documentary, and another male Liberal MP makes a wee error.

Sri Lanka’s new envoy talks renewed engagement, Canadian assistance amid collapse of government

Feature|By Neil Moss
In a broad-ranging interview, Sri Lankan High Commissioner Harsha Kumara Navaratne talks about his country's economic crisis, human rights, and Canada's Indo-Pacific strategy.

T.J. Harvey running for New Brunswick Liberal provincial leadership 

Feature|By Mike Lapointe

Cyberbullying more common for adults than children during pandemic, say experts

Adults who work in fields related to COVID-19 have been at greater risk of being targeted with online forms of harassment during the pandemic, including scientists, health-care practitioners, and educators.

Canada is not immune to cyberattacks

Opinion|By David Skillicorn
After 20 years of efforts, Canada’s private sector—and especially critical infrastructure—is not protected as it could and should be.

COVID-19 changed bullying, and it’s time for governments to respond

Opinion|By Ryan Broll
Canadian governments have not responded to the changing dynamics of bullying brought on by the pandemic, but now is an opportune time to rethink how bullying and cyberbullying are addressed.

COVID-19 paused a lot of things, but not cyberbullying

Opinion|By Dima Alhadidi
We need to have a holistic solution for cyberbullying that includes legislation, education, prevention, technology, and awareness.

On cybersecurity, we must truly work together

Opinion|By Isaac Straley
The old approach of each organization attempting ‘defence in depth’ doesn’t work anymore. What we really need is ‘defence through partnership.’
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, pictured on March 16, 2016, announcing Canada's bid for a non-permanent seat on the UN Security Council. The ultimately unsuccessful campaign for the seat had all the hallmarks of a partisan campaign, something that Adam Chapnick says is detrimental to Canada's success on the UNSC. Prime Minister's Office photo courtesy of Adam Scotti

The definitive history of Canada’s role on the United Nations Security Council

The first definitive history of Canada's time on the UN Security Council is a must read for anyone interested in Canadian foreign policy.
Harold Johnson’s book Peace and Good Order is among five shortlisted books for this year's Shaughnessy Cohen Prize for Political Writing.
Feature|Beatrice Paez
'I kind of just go ahead and do what I feel I should do, and get myself into situations where I’m thinking, "Oh, everybody here knows more than I do. But anyway, here goes." It served me very well,' says former Supreme Court chief justice Beverley McLachlin.
Feature|Mike Lapointe
Patterns of interference, intimidation, and harassment of individual Canadians by the Chinese Communist Party ‘demand a response’ from the Canadian government, says veteran journalist Jonathan Manthorpe in his 2019 book.
Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland, pictured Sept. 14, 2020, arriving for last week's cabinet retreat in Ottawa before Parliament resumes on Sept. 23. Economic and fiscal plans must be tied to economic scenarios with unmeasurable probabilities. Finance ministers around the world will be under pressure to change the way they prepare budgets, writes Kevin Page. The Hill Times photograph by Andrew Meade

COVID-19: economic impacts and prospects

Opinion|Kevin Page
There are some potential game changers for outcomes—a vaccine; and a resurgence in international leadership and cooperation. Closer to home, we need a Canadian economic recovery plan that will boost confidence in the future with strategic and measured investments in long-term challenges and adjustment support for Canadians and businesses left behind by the coronavirus.
Feature|Beatrice Paez, Neil Moss, Mike Lapointe, Samantha Wright Allen, and Abbas Rana
In what was supposed to be a period in which backbenchers and the opposition could wield more influence over the political debate, power and influence is arguably even more concentrated among a narrow cast of mostly familiar figures.
If we want to really honour Shannen Koostachin and the many children like her—we need to speak up, keep talking until government takes immediate action to end the inequality. If they don’t—vote them out because kids like Shannen are worth the money. The time for patience is over.
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Politics This Morning: Wilkinson, Kenney to testify before U.S. Senators

Plus, ministers and police big-wigs will brief MPs studying an expansion of the parliamentary precinct.
Opinion|Naveed Aziz
Data-driven genomics research promises long-term benefits for Canadians and our health system: enhanced disease prevention, better predictions of future illness, and more accurate and personalized treatment options.
For governments to declare victory too soon, there could be a 'massive political price that they'll pay depending on what happens,' says pollster Nik Nanos, as the country stares down yet another wave of COVID-19.
Living in a rich country doesn’t give us more of a right to life, health, and the benefits of scientific progress than people who happen to be born and live in poorer nations.
Opinion|Errol Mendes
Short of bringing in the military as aid to the civil power, Ontario's state of emergency and other enhanced legal enforcement measures are the last hope to deal with what increasingly looks like an insurrection.
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Canadian policymakers need to focus on the real issues and create an economic environment to rapidly expand the supply of purpose-built rental apartments.
Although the Liberal and Conservative parties have adopted the preferential ballot to select their leaders, they prefer that the public continue to use the first-past-the-post method of selecting MPs.
Opinion|Lydia Lomo
The pandemic has clearly reinforced the inequities in our system. Time to make fair banking essential for people who need it most.
If a multi-pronged approach to poverty has dramatically reduced poverty since the 1970s, why are we looking for one-size-fits all solution—let alone one that's not very politically viable—now?
Even those expressing concern about the 'nasty' tone of the Conservative leadership race thus far are no doubt strategically taking a moral high ground.
Opinion|Erica Ifill
If you’re not going to get in this fight, then stay out of the way because winter is coming for all of us.
Feature|Joanna Chiu

China’s growing authoritarianism is a global story

Joanna Chiu says she wanted to write a compelling book that anyone in the world could use to critically evaluate China-related global issues. China Unbound: A New World Disorder is one of five finalists for this year's Shaughnessy Cohen Prize, one of the best political books of the year. An excerpt is published here.

‘I wrote it because Canadians have forgotten Flora MacDonald’: Geoffrey Stevens

Geoffrey Stevens and Flora MacDonald's book, Flora!: A Woman in a Man’s World, is one of the best political books published in 2021 in Canada. Stevens says he wrote the book because he wants people to remember MacDonald, who was the most influential woman in Canadian political life in her time (mid-1960s to late-1980s). An excerpt is published here. The book is a finalist for this year's Shaughnessy Cohen Prize for Political Writing.

Liberals tap new research bureau head this Parliament

Plus, Patrick Weeks is director of strategic research in the caucus support office, and Tristan Lamonica is now director of digital strategy and analytics.

Transport Minister Alghabra’s office reaches 19 staff

Plus, Sport Minister Pascale St-Onge has a new communications director, and the NDP has two new caucus press secretaries on board.

Russia travel bans treated as symbol of defiance and status

Canadian politicians, staffers, journalists and civil society leaders react to the Russian government's latest round of travel bans and sanctions.

Investigations into Catholic Church finances, military sexual misconduct among finalists for journalism awards

Plus, change is in the air in CP's Ottawa bureau, and five new heads of mission are presenting their letters of credence to Governor General Mary Simon on April 27.

Federal cybersecurity workers heading for strike votes following bargaining impasse

With the two sides having been at the bargaining table for almost two years following the expiry of the most recent collective agreement, strike votes are scheduled to run from Feb. 11 to 24.
Feature|Alice Chen

Getting out of ‘groundhog mode’: Party Central’s back with an unmasked party at the Met

Attendees at the March 23 evening soiree unanimously expressed gratitude for the return to some semblance of normality on the Hill.
Feature|Neil Moss

Dairy, agriculture hurdles need to be addressed for CETA to reach full potential, says new Spanish envoy

In a wide-ranging interview, Spanish ambassador Alfredo Martínez Serrano talks trade, his first impressions of Canada, and NATO's response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.
Feature|Neil Moss

Latvia wants ‘more Canada’ in face of renewed Russian invasion, says departing envoy

Latvian Ambassador Kārlis Eihenbaums says Canada's NATO deployment has led to a flourishing of Ottawa-Riga ties.

Celebrate Canadian writers in style at Politics and the Pen on Tuesday, May 17

Monday, May 16th, 2022
Politics and the Pen, an annual celebration of the best non-fiction political writers—pictured here in 2017—returns this year to in-person festivities for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic. The Hill Times Photograph by Jake Wright

Former senator Mike Duffy arrives at the Ottawa courthouse on April 29, 2015. Duffy was on trial for 31 criminal charges brought against him resulting from an expense scandal resulting in his nearly two-year suspension from the Red Chamber. After a lengthy trial he was cleared of all charges in 2016.
The Hill Times photograph by Andrew Meade
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